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Future locations where we will develop Bel Air.

At Bel Air we believe in experiential travel, and we understand that travelers crave personal attention and prefer to stay in intimate resorts that offer unique experiences such as:

  • Staying in trendy and curated lodging units
  • Eating a variety of quality and refined foods, created with local flair and authenticity
  • Having access to a multitude of state-of-the-art amenities
  • Being pampered and having access to wellness activities
  • Taking part in a variety of activities on-site and off-site

Our concept has the potential to be developed in a multitude of locations from countryside, to mountain settings and beach environments.

We have identified future locations where we will develop Bel Air and are working in securing suitable development lands.

Dominican Republic

Our company is finalizing an agreement to purchase a 100-acre property to develop a Bel Air in Dominican Republic.

Prince Edward, Ontario

The mixed-use development concept featuring a hotel, spa, and recreational facilities with 75 rental units and 42 single-family homes with stunning views of Half Moon Bay.